If you’re looking to create your own router, edge computing device, or IoT gateway, PiGWays are a step-up from the kind of DIY solution you might otherwise implement using a Raspberry Pi (RPi) or some other Single-Board Computer (SBC).

These Raspberry Pi Compute Module (RPi-CM) powered carrier boards offer software compatibility with RPi OS. Having sold 25+ million devices, the RPi's extensive documentation and unparalleled community support can greatly assist in the realisation of your idea.

Our independent NICs are perfect for network traffic isolation eg WAN & LAN. Plus PoE taps for each jack are exported to headers to either :

  i) power the device via PoE (PD), or
  ii) power connected PoE devices (PSE)

Onboard hardware cryptography chip enables secure key generation, storage and signing. Perfect for secure cloud platform integration.

In addition to the RPi-HAT compatible 40-pin header, we breakout USB and power to headers for internal expansion. A number expansion boards are available from us, or design your own using our PCB templates.

Four status LEDs are included. One is used to indicate power (green), another three are user programmable (2 x yellow + red).

Professional enclosures are also available. Alternatively mount the compact PCB in an IP65 enclosure with an appropriate PSU connected directly to the power header for improved reliability.

PiGWays products use licensed IP. Similar designs have been deployed commercially for many years, proving their usefulness and resilience. Our goal is to make these designs available to a much broader community.

Please see the individual product webpages below for further information.

Note: PiGWays carrier boards require an imaged RPI-CM and power supply (not included)